Green Mountain Railroad

Book features Green Mountain Railroad

A new book by Sheila Grant features Green Mountain Railroad as one if its great activities.

50 Great New England Family Fishing Vacations” is the ultimate planning guide for families that enjoy outdoor recreation, hands-on learning opportunities and making wonderful summer memories together. While all 50 chapters do include excellent fishing destinations, Grant also includes a wide range of activities sure to please non-anglers, and to keep the family entertained when the day’s fishing is done.

Lodging options range from tenting and RVing to rental cabins, resorts and family-friendly hotels. Chapters include where-to information on hiking, wildlife watching, biking, horseback riding, golf, kayaking, dining, shopping and more. This guide also includes educational opportunities at museums, aquariums and historical sites throughout New England."

Grant has been a writer and photographer for over a decade. Her work has been recognized by the Maine Press Association and the New England Outdoor Writers Association.

Grant grew up camping, fishing, hunting and exploring in rural Maine. A true Yankee, the author is thrifty by both nature and necessity and delights in providing interesting experiences for her family while also searching out the best vacation values.

The book is set to become available on June 1.