Murder Mystery Train

Murder Mystery Train

Ride the White River Flyer & solve the railroad who-dunnit murders on a Murder Mystery Train! The mayhem ensues, clues emerge & the story begins. The Train heads through the upper valley & along the Conn. River & during this 2 hour trip, murders abound on & off the rails. Lunch on board with the unveiling of the true murderer. Murder Mystery Train: $50/Person

If you are making reservations for the murder mystery less than 24 hours of the scheduled departure, you can still take the ride with the mystery but would not be able to pre-order lunch. You can bring your own.

The Hog:

Roast Beef, horseradish mayo, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and onions on sourdough bread.

The Caboose:

Albacore Tuna salad with capers, tomato and lettuce on multigrain bread.

Box Car Willy:

Turkey, bacon Vermont cheddar cheese, red pepper, mayo, lettuce and tomato.

The Coal Car:

Ham with Vermont cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, sprouts and tomato.

The Boho Hobo:

Vegetarian sandwich with fresh sprouts, tomato, cucumber, cheese, red pepper, avocado, in a sundried tomato wrap

Box lunches Include: Sandwich on fresh bread with a cold drink, homemade potato chips, cold fruit salad, homemade coleslaw, and home baked cookie.


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